Nashville Software School ยท Part-Time Data Analytics Cohort 3 Demo Day

Nashville Software School Part Time Data Analytics Cohort 3

The students of NSS Data Analytics Cohort 3 would like to thank the following people and organizations.

Our community and industry partners

Thank you to those who contributed your expertise, industry knowledge, and experience, providing career insights for the data analytics industry. We are grateful for those who helped us in mock interviews which improved our interviewing skills to land our dream jobs. And we especially appreciate those who provided us data and real-world business problems that we could use to hone our technical and soft skills to solve data problems. The time and encouragement that you all have provided has made this a valuable learning experience.

Thank you to:

  • Aaron Mock
  • Alex Trambley
  • Alla Naslimova
  • Amanda Cotton Ferrer
  • Ben Hummel
  • Branden Dahlem
  • Brian Johnson
  • Britnee Foreman
  • Christina Ingram
  • David Villafana
  • Ed Hickey
  • Erin Williams
  • Haley Baseheart
  • Hartley Thompson
  • Jason Beyer
  • Jason Buchard
  • Jeremy Bakker
  • Jim Dehner
  • John Irvin
  • Joya Carmichael
  • Julia Romano
  • Katherine Delgado
  • Knight Stivender
  • Krunal Patel
  • Landry Butler
  • Laura Newman
  • Lorelei Samuelson
  • Lori Butler
  • Manny Cabral
  • Marilyn Smith
  • Matt Boto
  • Mehens Hyppolite
  • Melissa Russell
  • Nadia Roumanos
  • Naga Mallika
  • Rachael Mitchell
  • Rand Carpenter
  • Robin Brown
  • Ron Balcarrass
  • Ross Dingwall
  • Scott DeWaters
  • Sekou Tyler
  • Sergio Weiberg
  • Stephen Martini
  • Terry Murphy
  • Tito Amoguis
  • Willis Kelley

The faculty and staff of Nashville Software School

We want to take an opportunity to thank you all for your expertise, knowledge, and fabulous support you have provided to us. Thank you for your continuous efforts in perfecting our resumes and connecting us with the potential employers in the Nashville area. You have taken the time to market us at our best and provided us with all the right tools so we could transition into the data analytics world smoothly. Your passion, commitment, and drive to help have been essential to us, and we are extremely grateful.

Thank you to:

  • Kristin McKinney
  • Julie Heckler
  • John Wark
  • Ashley Canino
  • Jeremiah Vasquez
  • Jessica Grande
  • Mandy Arola

Our Instructors

Thank you for guiding us through this data analytics learning journey with tremendous patience and encouragement. Not only have you taught us well, you mentored us in preparation for success in the data analytics field. Thank you again for making a difference in our lives and for inspiring us to learn continuously! You are greatly appreciated, and our gratitude is beyond any words!

Thank you to:

  • UrLeaka Newsome
  • Mary van Valkenburg
  • Brandes Moore
  • Will McWilliams